Crypto Expert Explains How To Make Millions From Bitcoin | Sumit Gupta CoinDCX | The Ranveer Show 98


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CoinDCX CEO, Sumit Gupta is back with his advanced knowledge of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining.

Part 1 was all about knowing the basics of Cryptocurrency.

Part 2 is all about how you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other Cryptocurrency AND how to mine Bitcoin with just your computer!

A mind-blown and deep conversation full of knowledge about Cryptocurrency and its possible future in India and how it will change the world.

Learn the best about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin only on The Ranveer Show.
#cryptocurrrency #bitcoin

00:00- Introduction
01:26- Which Cryptocurrency to buy?
02:57- How can college students invest in Crypto
03:34- Other Cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin OR Ethereum
09:37- Ethereum and smart contracts
11:52- Will companies like Jio & Amazon release their own Crypto?
13:52- History of Blockchain & how it works
17:42- Bitcoin Mining Explained Simply
25:44- Will he get into Bitcoin mining?
26:18- His plans for Crypto in India
27:51- How Bitcoin will unify the World?
30:17- Last Message

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