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Dez Bryant and Trevon Diggs from the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys join Andy Boyan to discuss the new dynamic NFTs from Personal Corner, how Chainlink plays a role in sourcing sports data for Personal Corner NFTs, and the broader world of athlete ownership and sports fan experiences via NFTs.

The Personal Corner dynamic NFTs will change depending on a specific athlete’s stats, such as touchdowns, interceptions, tackles, sacks, and more. Chainlink Sports Data Feeds supply tamper-proof, real-time information to the NFT’s smart cotnract to update the digital collectible as players perform.

Personal Corner was founded by the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver to provide a place for professional athletes and influencers build their brand image in the physical and emerging metaverse space. Dynamic NFTs in particular can be used to provide additional benefits to NFT holders as the stats change.

Featuring: Dez Bryant, Founder at Personal Corner, Trevon Diggs, Cornerback at the Dallas Cowboys

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