Raoul Pal Crypto - Huge NFT Opportunities Right Now!


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Raoul Pal Crypto - Huge NFT Opportunities Right Now!
In this video, Raoul Pal, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time and supporter of Bitcoin and Ethereum, will explain on why you should invest on NFTs and Metaverse, which is huge right now.
If you want to find out on why the crypto Metaverse will explode in 2022 and how you can get rich fast then watch the video until the end...

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Credit: Bankless Brasil (Full unedited Video)
Raoul Pal e o futuro do Mercado Cripto
Everything You Need to Know About CRYPTO, & How to Gain WEALTH In the BITCOIN REVOLUTION | Raoul Pal
Music by: LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day
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